Project Description

Public buildings are the keys to use a society in its full extent. They allow you to get a passport, take a train to travel through the country or see the art in a museum. But what happens if you do not have independent access? Spaces are built by visual orientation, making it impossible for visual impaired to fully experience the architecture.

Tik-Tik is an inclusive indoor navigation app. It allows visually impaired users to independently access a public building. It works by letting a smart-phone position itself in a space and recognize the registered spatial environment. A blind user selects the destination and is guided by using the telephone as a vibrating dowsing rod.

In co-operation with the software partner Vention BV Now the Tik-Tik app is being developed for general use. With funding from DEN (Kennisinstituut cultuur & digitalisering and the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, two Dutch organizations, implementation possibilities are accessible soon.

Project Images & Videos


TIK-TIK implements state of the art technology, using the IOS AR kit 13 (augmented reality) to recognize the spatial environment and indicate it’s position within the space. The app has two major functions: management end use. To manage the space, you scan and archive the unique measures of the rooms. Virtual guide-lines can be inserted in the digital map file of the space. To use the app for navigation , the app will download the map file by recognizing the visual markers in the room. And guide you to a destination by using the smart phone as a vibrating dowsing rod that follows the virtual guide-line.

TIK-TIK will initially be developed for the IOS iPhone platform, After validation research it will be joined by Android platforms. It will be made accessible for non-visual users by implementing a sound interface protocol, this makes use efficient and logical due to visually impaired development guidelines.

The navigation feedback is made possible through sound, voice and haptic information. This is a result of research and development of intuitive ways for navigation feedback.


Currently we are developing TIK-TIK V2 to deliver independent access for blind visitors in the space of the van Abbe museum Eindhoven. This version will be lanced on December 1 2019 and will provide not only independent access to the space but also to the art. This means that Tik-Tik will not only lead you on a tour through the building but brings you to pieces of art that are especially translated into feelable translations.


Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, DEN (Kennisinstituut cultuur & digitalisering), smARTplaces

Cooperation partners

Van AbbeMuseum Eindhoven, Vention Technologys BV, Koninklijke Visio Nederland

The following ZIP-file includes Hi-Res images and a description of the project.
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